Friday, October 18, 2013

Pre-order open on 21st of October of THE THIRTEENTH PATH occult journal issue #1

THE THIRTEENTH PATH occult journal issue #1

Standard edition paperback:

Approx 190 pages
120 grams paper bookblock
Thick and heavy paper cover
Full color and black/white images

Book size: width 205 mm x height 250 mm

Book + CD with music by AKRABU and NIHILL


: revelations :

Matthew Levi Stevens - ‘At the Feet of the Goddess: Some thoughts on Kenneth Grant, David Curwen & The 13th Path’

Matthew Wightman - ‘The Nailed God - A klifotic Christology’

S.D. - ‘The Opening Of The Eye Of The Serpent’

Albert Petersen - ‘Breaks’

Robert Podgurski - ‘Inner Sorceries outwardly Seeking’

Patrick J. Larabee - ‘Three Flames from Darkness Sprung...’

Aaron Piccirillo - ‘Power, Tradition, and the Road to Postmodern Magical Practice: An Examination of Austin Osman Spare and Aleister Crowley’

Gabriel McCaughry  - ‘The Apex Seeking its Axis’

Revered Arturo Royal - ‘Daemonosophy’

Gilles de Laval - ‘The Script of Lucifer’s Angels’

Bill Duvendack - ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’

Sarah Anne Lawless - ‘Breaking Tradition’or, How the Death of Modern Witchcraft Is a Myth'

Michiel Eikenaar - ‘Leap into the Void’

Emma Doeve - ‘Austin Osman Spare & The Great Witch’

Sean Woodward - ‘The Cult of Ku’

: visuals :

Elly Muerte
Abby Helasdottir
Adrian Baxter
Isab Gaborit
Nestor Avalos
Agnieszka Skatula
Anna Krajewski
Lupe Vasconcelos
Vaenvs Obscvra
Samuel Araya
Michiel Eikenaar
Austin Osman Spare
Sean Woodward

On Monday 21st of October pre-order is open for the deluxe editon of 'PYRAMIDOX Vel Heb Á Qual'


On Monday 21st of October we will make available pre-order of the deluxe editon of
'PYRAMIDOX Vel Heb Á Qual' is the 2nd book in our ongoing 'Monographic Grimoire Series'.

The deluxe edition of this very special grimoire will be fully hand-made by a traditional book-binder in Sweden. The finished book will be full leather bound, adorned with mulitple silver foil sigil stamps.

The cover material is made out of 2 color leather, which is cut in a triangle shape. The finishing touches of the book is the specially created and hand-made black end-papers.

The images what you see is of the prototype copy. The result is amazing. This will be a very impressive and beautiful looking book.

We will create the deluxe edition limited to 50 copies total. These are talismanic occult books, we thus not re-print this version of 'PYRAMIDOX Vel Heb Á Qual'.

Each copy will be consecrated, signed and sigilized by the author.

Please mark the date on you calender. We cannot accept request to reserve a copy in advance. First come, first served!!

We will update our webstore in the night of Sunday to Monday.

Thank you.

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