Friday, October 18, 2013

Pre-order open on 21st of October of THE THIRTEENTH PATH occult journal issue #1

THE THIRTEENTH PATH occult journal issue #1

Standard edition paperback:

Approx 190 pages
120 grams paper bookblock
Thick and heavy paper cover
Full color and black/white images

Book size: width 205 mm x height 250 mm

Book + CD with music by AKRABU and NIHILL


: revelations :

Matthew Levi Stevens - ‘At the Feet of the Goddess: Some thoughts on Kenneth Grant, David Curwen & The 13th Path’

Matthew Wightman - ‘The Nailed God - A klifotic Christology’

S.D. - ‘The Opening Of The Eye Of The Serpent’

Albert Petersen - ‘Breaks’

Robert Podgurski - ‘Inner Sorceries outwardly Seeking’

Patrick J. Larabee - ‘Three Flames from Darkness Sprung...’

Aaron Piccirillo - ‘Power, Tradition, and the Road to Postmodern Magical Practice: An Examination of Austin Osman Spare and Aleister Crowley’

Gabriel McCaughry  - ‘The Apex Seeking its Axis’

Revered Arturo Royal - ‘Daemonosophy’

Gilles de Laval - ‘The Script of Lucifer’s Angels’

Bill Duvendack - ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’

Sarah Anne Lawless - ‘Breaking Tradition’or, How the Death of Modern Witchcraft Is a Myth'

Michiel Eikenaar - ‘Leap into the Void’

Emma Doeve - ‘Austin Osman Spare & The Great Witch’

Sean Woodward - ‘The Cult of Ku’

: visuals :

Elly Muerte
Abby Helasdottir
Adrian Baxter
Isab Gaborit
Nestor Avalos
Agnieszka Skatula
Anna Krajewski
Lupe Vasconcelos
Vaenvs Obscvra
Samuel Araya
Michiel Eikenaar
Austin Osman Spare
Sean Woodward

On Monday 21st of October pre-order is open for the deluxe editon of 'PYRAMIDOX Vel Heb Á Qual'


On Monday 21st of October we will make available pre-order of the deluxe editon of
'PYRAMIDOX Vel Heb Á Qual' is the 2nd book in our ongoing 'Monographic Grimoire Series'.

The deluxe edition of this very special grimoire will be fully hand-made by a traditional book-binder in Sweden. The finished book will be full leather bound, adorned with mulitple silver foil sigil stamps.

The cover material is made out of 2 color leather, which is cut in a triangle shape. The finishing touches of the book is the specially created and hand-made black end-papers.

The images what you see is of the prototype copy. The result is amazing. This will be a very impressive and beautiful looking book.

We will create the deluxe edition limited to 50 copies total. These are talismanic occult books, we thus not re-print this version of 'PYRAMIDOX Vel Heb Á Qual'.

Each copy will be consecrated, signed and sigilized by the author.

Please mark the date on you calender. We cannot accept request to reserve a copy in advance. First come, first served!!

We will update our webstore in the night of Sunday to Monday.

Thank you.

*please share this message to your Facebook wall and/or FB group.

Monday, July 15, 2013

PRE-ORDER for the 2nd print of 'Whisperings from the Void'

PRE-ORDER for the 2nd print, new format is NOW available.

55 Euro (ex.shipping) We anticipate to ship the first orders in the 3rd week of September.

The new 2nd edition is a new size book: 160 mm x 235 mm.

- Approx 245 pages,
- 120 grams paper bookblock
- Silk cloth bound hardback
- Silver lettering on spine
- Silver foil stamp on front cover
- Silk ribbon page-marker
Limited second edition of 200 copies. Please do NOT wait with ordering your copy.

We managed to sell the first edition beyond our expectations, and we expect this second print to be gone within the next months.

The first edition was a very large size book with high quality paper bookblock: the price of the book was at the time 85 Euro. Now with this new smaller 'regular' format we are able to set the retail price at 55 Euro.

With the new format and price, we hope the book is more accessible and affordable. We are very much aware that occult books are generally in a higher price-range than the average books out there...

BUT, we do NOT create 'average' books, the information in our books you will not find anywhere else.

'Whisperings from the Void: The Amaranthine Arcanum of Holy Image and Revealed Exegesis' - by Patrick John Larabee.

Presents a work consisting of esoterically inspired art and prose from a practisioner of Sorcerous Crafts. This body of work aspires to illuminate to all seekers of Truth and Wisdom the intracacies of the journey thus far, facillitated via the antiquarian practices of the occult devotee and presented in a manner befitting their sacred manifestation: conjoined image and written word in a dynamic fusion of prayer and icon.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Latest news Thursday, May 9th 2013


1. Almost ALL pre-ordered copies of 'Black Magic Evocation' are shipped to European and rest of the world customers.

Please be patient, some of the orders will be dropped at the post-office tomorrow (Friday 10th of May). Expect your parcel to be delivered within the next 1.5 week.

2. We have a slight delay with the production of 'Via Siniestra'. we expect to receive the books from our printer company be the end of May.

3. The deluxe edition of 'Whisperings from the Void' is nearly finished. Please understand, these books are bound by hand. It can be that a slight delay occurs. If everything goes as planned, then we will receive the books by the end of May. We anticipate to ship parcels in the first week of June.

Pre-order of the deluxe 'Whisperings' is still available! Last copies! Full Nigerian goatskin leather bound. Very large size and heavy book. €299,50 ex. shipping.

4. Pre-order is now available for QLIPHOTH Opus II Deluxe edition. Full leather bound + marbled endpapers. €199,50 ex. shipping. We anticipate to ship parcels in the first week of June.

* * * *
When ALL of the above mentioned titles are actually shipped. We will take a short break and make preparations to announce and launch multiple projects.

- A pre-order for a revised standard edition of Tantric Brute Grimoire.

- A pre-order for a deluxe full leather bound edition of Tantric Brute Grimoire. Limited to 50 copies max.

- A totally differant fully hand bound goatskin deluxe editon of 'Black Magic Evocation'. This book will be bound by a very famous bookbindery in USA. This version of the deluxe edition, will be limited to approx 20 copies max (depending on actual reservations/sales).

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Book review by A. Jones of: 'Black Magic Evocation of the Shem ha Mephorash'

Black Magic Evocation of the

Shem ha Mephorash

Book Review by A. Jones

Black Magic Evocation of the Shem ha Mephorash by G. de Laval is published by Aeon Sophia Press and limited to 200 hand-numbered exemplars of the standard edition, in quarter leather bound and dark grey moiré silk, 264 pages, 120g paper. The Deluxe Edition has full black leather and marbled end-papers. Both Editions have silver stamp and lettering displaying the Conjuration Circle of the Three Witches of the Crossroads, by the author.

The author of this his book combined his research and personal practice, developing a new method of work with the Shem Ha Mephorash Angels. He has constructed a Qliphoth of Baphomet which collects, corrects and updates commonly circulating data to streamline its function as a graphical transmitter of energy from a larger system of witchcraft which will be treated more extensively in a future publication.

The Shem ha Mephorash or Explicit Name is a 216 character secret name of the creation consisting of list of 72 angels, whose names are derived from the from the Hebrew letters in Exodus 14:19-21 (Chapter 14, verses 19 to 21), The Book of Exodus is part of the Hebrew Tanakh (Christian Old Testament). The verses 19 to 21 in the original Hebrew have 72 letters each.
Each Shem Ha Mephorash angel has a three Hebrew letter name, which is ending with the suffix El or IAH.

Each Shem Ha Mephorash angel has a Sephirotic form with connection with the Tree of Life and also has a shell/ Qliphothic forms with links it to the Tree of Death.
The author also proposes a change concerning some Qliphoths denominations, his thesis is that the “Qliphoth are imbalanced bastardised shadow emanations from the Sephitoth” and that they are not what they seem, as per their constant distorted movement.

The author provides three methods of accessing these Angels, one example case, and the description of the Tools that are useful, which the reader might want to use during the Rituals. On the appendices there are many tables of correspondences resultant from his research of various calendars from the mystical schools of cultures around the world, the information presented was decrypted and mined from dozens of ancient Grimoires and books of astrology in the Western occult tradition.

To facilitate the understanding of the ideas conveyed in his book, the author provides definitions for most of the words and terms he uses throughout this volume, inclusive for the Shem Ha Mephorash Angel pages.

This should be an interesting book, in a way of promoting more thirst for Knowledge, inciting  people who study or practice Goetic magick, Vampiric Sorcery, Necromancy,  Black Magick, Conjuration, Traditional witchcraft, Luciferianism and Satanism, to go deeper in their research for the understanding of the energy currents and how they relate to each other. For more information, see his upcoming Grimoire Liber Sethur.

'Black Magic Evocation of the Shem Ha Mephorash' is now available via:

Monday, April 15, 2013

'VIA SINIESTRA' book review by Asenath Mason

VIA SINIESTRA -under the mask of the red goods- 

book review by Asenath Mason

Via Siniestra by Edgar Kerval is the first release in Monographic Grimoire Series by Aeon Sophia Press, a high-quality clothbound hardback, presenting the author's record of personal work with dark forces of spiritual transformation.

The book is the result of practical exploration of a very intriguing set of entities, which the author calls "The Red Gods." These are primal, chthonic spirits, at which he came across during his work with qliphotic energies, named in the book as AXAMUL-MA, LEXAMAT, TARUBAB, XAXIVA, XHAWATII, ZUKUT-MA, ZULGUGAN. In the first few chapters, the author explains the origin and foundations of this work, speaking about practical techniques and methods to contact these entities, analyzing their qualities and powers, and also providing a ritual formula for those who wish to explore this gnosis on their own. 

The second part contains descriptions, rituals and sigils for each of the seven Red Gods. They are accompanied by powerful artworks depicting their primal, atavistic nature. These techniques include invocations, meditations, blood sacrifice, sexual trances, lucid dreaming methods, and records of the author's automatic writing received through his work with these spirits. 

All this creates an extremely evocative and inspirational compilation of practical work with something powerful that can be tapped by a practitioner of the qliphotic path of ascent. Entities described in the grimoire are atavistic, vicious and chaotic. They are reminiscent of amorphous Necronomicon gods , shadowy wraiths from ancient legends, or primordial snake-like, draconian beings of the Typhonian Tradition. They seem to be a part of this primal, forgotten gnosis that is now being brought back from the Void and channeled onto the earth by receptive individuals, talented magicians devoted to the Work, those who seek transformation and rebirth in the very black womb of chaos. 

Those who dismiss these manifestation of primal currents as "unverified gnosis" will be surprised by the depth and genuine experience spilling through the lines of this book. There can be no doubt the author worked very hard to make this gnosis available, exploring it through multitude of techniques and practical methods, providing a coherent working system for further exploration. This is the work of a devoted practitioner, a fascinating record of primordial gnosis being earthed through manifestation of these atavistic entities, and it is also a powerful book for those who do not fear to face the Darkness itself, to gaze into the Void, to let themselves be embraced by Primal Chaos and transformed by forces far older than mankind. 

- By Asenath Mason -

Friday, April 12, 2013

'Whisperings from the Void' review by Shani Oates

 Whisperings from the Void

Patrick Larabee

The Amaranthine Arcanum of Holy Image and Revealed Exegesis

Aeon Sophia Press 

An exploratory and astonishingly beautiful narrative; a glorification of the Greatest Mystery that of Illumination. Equally, the subtext remains skillfully dedicated to the varied threads and causeways of inspired and revealed gnosis, the strands and super-strands of Fate.

Richly symbolic sigils illustrate arte-fully this sacred pilgrimage through the lonely Arcanum of the ONE. Herein, the Beloved calls to Her Lover. To all those She inspires, Her Lover manifests Her Grand Design, Her divine Creativity in Word and Image via the liminality of Being.

Separated into two halves, book one accompanies the Fool into the Paradisial Sojourn; book two experiences the realised man, reveling in his own divinity. Together they herald the divine ecstasies. Enthralled and enrapt this is the fascinating engagement of the other.

Perception and perspective become challenged, rocked, nay torn from the very apposite status quo. The reader is cunningly drawn in to view the veil, thereto find themselves victim to its light but conversely subject to its elusive shadows. Whisperings from the Void resides as a work for all workers of the arte. From within the shadows habit, doubt and superstition all become ameliorated upon the Great Pyre of Truth!

In prose and verse, the dominion of flesh is illuminated by Presence. This Matrix of the Collective weaves intricate threads to access the infinitesimal Wyrd, facilitating an inexplicable subtle vibrational causality. Degrees of separation exist only in our narcissistic perception.

Choosing the mentor of the Hidden One within, Patrick Larabee provokes the inspiritus guide of the individual. The sentient, Multiplicity of Being is drawn from the Void of Being and tho oft imagined clearly through the great eye, its inner vista splintered as the prismatic reflection of the Other. Death is but a transformation of consciousness; it is but a singular dream of the Singularity and one that unites dream with the dreaming, the reality of actuality. In real time, duality is transformed. Unity reigns supreme.

The world of insistent spirit exists as a vehicle for its own corporeality it becomes an experiential journey, a foray designed to stimulate a realisation of Truth, the binder of Mind and Memory, the twin virtues of the souls evolutionary journey. Will, ever the arcane virtue of the formidable becomes the fop to a multi-dimensional absolute within and without the machine of the self  -  the impedimenta of gnosis.

All is simplicity, sheer elegance of mechanism, economy of unilateral impact. Confronted by the eternal and unchanging Abyss, the quintessential mask is the panoply of illumination. Kalas sheath and bathe the body. Such intimate transmutations are generally passed through dreamscapes to materialise within the Nexus, the divine Hub. 

Every human vacillates between the poles of extremism. The journey is the measure of self-awareness, sentience and self gnosis.   Whim and desire are distractions, No more, no less. Likewise the Sandman and the Reaper are the regulators of the patterns we spin upon the arcane hub - the quaternary of spirit, soul, psyche and flesh!

Disciplined praxis presents unswerving examples of prose and verse to deepen the readers experience of these time-honoured battles. These pages are dedicated to the primal Covenant; in serving that vainglorious deed, convocations to several, specific, named sheaths of spirit, whose forms are explored in Rites inspired for and by them. These include the laying of the Compass proper; the Rising of Sensorial and Peripheral Being; Envelopment within the Primal Matriarch and the Father, Absorption through the Mother and Illumination inspired by all the virtues and spirits of Day and of  Night, all in the immediacy of the eternal moment.   

Strength, vitality and endurance are of the forge and furnace deep in the stygian darkness, of the Mound and Caverns of the seas and lakes. Universal symphonics    enthuse a resonance of place in accord with divine will. Mother of exilic wanderers, Lilith, the bridge of chaos and storm winds of all change; She ushers the dynamic we least expect to challenge the status quo, rending outworn modalities from their inhibiting tethers. Together with Samael they nurture all kin in Holt and Hearth.

Entreaties are lauded to the Great Mistress of the Absu, Tiamat, Leviathon of old.  Baphomet is called upon to assist in the attainment of the inner amoral androgynous Self in likeness of this realised Soul.    Tubal Cain and Naamah, weavers and forgers of Fate are set beside Janus, guardian of all portals and guide to the wanderer traversing the labyrinthine paths. The Holy Spirit Ruach whose breath inspires all to rise to their divine potential is honoured here also. 

These are but some of the Mighty Ones whose Titanic Virtue is recognised in reciprocal acknowledgement of the golden chain of being. For we are not so much the reflection of the divine as we are its tangible projection, a holy manifestation of Truth, Love and Beauty.  Thus are we truly the fallen as Spirit upon the Earth; and thus are we Spirit, elevated within the Light of the World.  

Shani Oates                              

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Preview of Deluxe Edition 'Whisperings from the Void'

Pre-order date and more info will be announced soon!

We are now preparing the webstore to take pre-order reservations. Please be aware: this is a very expensive book and Very limited quantities will be made of the Deluxe Edition.

Deluxe Edition: 'Whisperings from the Void' by Patrick J. Larabee.


Size approx: 8.5" x 12.5" (210 mm x 310 mm)

Pre-order of the deluxe edition will be available via our webstore:

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Forth coming title: 'Black Magic Evocation of the Shem ha Mephorash'

Here's a preview of the next book to be published by Aeon Sophia Press entitled:

'Black Magic Evocation of the Shem ha Mephorash' by G. de Laval.

This work is a grimoire of black magic evocation of the Shem ha Mephorash angels.

The Shem ha Mephorash or Explicit Name is a list of 72 angels derived by ancient occultists. Combined, these spirits are believed to comprise the secret name of the Creation of the Universe. Now, for the first time, these angels are uncovered and illuminated, presented with detailed information and spirit signatures, enabling witches and left-hand-path magicians to access their energy and interact with them through ceremonial conjuration and black magic. In essence, 'Black Magic Evocation of the Shem ha Mephorash' dissects the Abrahamic creator Deity into 72 segments and empowers brave witches everywhere to ritually evoke them into conscious interactive manifestation. 

More info and exact pre-order date will be announced soon.

In the meantime, enjoy the preview! The preview shows three sections:
- The introduction
- The first chapters and the explanations of the first 4 spirits.
And ends with...
- Various tables and bibliography

Click on the link below to find the preview of the book:
 PREVIEW: 'Black Magic Evocation of the Shem ha Mephorash' by G. de Laval

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Small update on 'Qliphoth Opus 2' and other books.

The lay-out design files for Qliphoth Opus 2, 'Via Siniestra' and 'Chthonic Prose & Theory' or now at the printer-company/binder.

Yesterday they printed test-samples of the bookblocks...i'm getting them next week. If there are no mistakes in...then i'll give green light to proceed production.

I can't wait to see the final result!

In the meantime, the author of a true Black-Magick grimoire (part of a trilogy) and me are working on the final details of the lay-out design...and do the last corrections.

This book exceeds the parameters of the concept of the 'Monographic Grimoire Series'. It will therefor be presented as a separate tome of nearly 245 pages, including very precise descriptions of the spirits and over 60+ sigils, with tables of hours, elements and planets, and detailed guidelines for ritual praxis.

A very special tome is excellent for study and practical use. I highly recommend this grimoire to people who are interested in Ceremonial/Ritual (black-) Magick, the Goetia, Grimorium Verum, Hermeticism and Qabalah.

This book is not at all dealing with spirits of the Goetia. It contains original sigils and unique research!

The book is 99% ready for printing...therefor it will most likely be the very next one to be launched for pre-order. And hopefully be printed and bound in the next months.

More info soon.

~Johan, Aeon Sophia Press.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Pre-order now open for 'Via Siniestra' by Edgar Kerval

Pre-order is now available for 'Via Siniestra' by Edgar Kerval

This book will go immediate in print production!! Together with 'Qliphoth Opus 2' and 'Chthonic Prose & Theory'!

If no delays occur, we will ship the first ordered copies end of February.

Limited edition of 333 copies total. (Same story like QLIPHOTH, we expect this book to be sold out very quickly.)

Monographic Grimoire Series entitled: 'Véritables œuvres de la Magie'

'Via Siniestra' by Edgar Kerval is the first of the series.
An in-dept deep exploration inside the mysterious spirits manifestation known as The Red Gods. This grimoire is full of potent rituals through 4 years of praxis: using blood and sexual libations, Lucid dream meditations, automatic paintings, invocations and diagrams... all to connect with each one of the seven Qliphotic forces.
94 pages
Dark grey clothbound hardback
Silver foil stamp on front cover + silver foil lettering on spine

Click on the link to go to the webstore:

Pre-order for 'Via Siniestra' by Edgar Kerval

Saturday, January 19, 2013

'Véritables œuvres de la Magie'


We will launch a monographic Grimoire series entitled:

'Véritables œuvres de la Magie'

We have asked practitioners from various magickal backgrounds to create a practical grimoire. We have approached up to now 6 authors, of which a few already have confirmed to create a book specifically for the monographic series.

Don't expect to find long winding academic text. These are workbooks for ritual praxis...including explanations of the spirits, corrosponding sigils, invocations and art.

The idea is that each book in the serie is a true Grimoire of approx 100 to 150 pages.

'Via Siniestra' by Edgar Kerval will be the first of the series. More info and pre-order date will be announced soon.

"VIA SINIESTRA - Under The Mask Ov The Red Gods" by Edgar Kerval.

An in-dept deep exploration inside the mysterious spirits manifestation known as The Red Gods. In this practical grimoire full of potent rituals though 4 years and the use of blood and sexual libations, Lucid dreaming meditations, automatic paintings, invocation, connect with each one of 7 qliphotic forces.


Raw and suggestive visuals by Michael Gallant and Edgar Kerval.
A powerful book to those deeply into Qliphotic sorcery, left hand path.