Monday, July 15, 2013

PRE-ORDER for the 2nd print of 'Whisperings from the Void'

PRE-ORDER for the 2nd print, new format is NOW available.

55 Euro (ex.shipping) We anticipate to ship the first orders in the 3rd week of September.

The new 2nd edition is a new size book: 160 mm x 235 mm.

- Approx 245 pages,
- 120 grams paper bookblock
- Silk cloth bound hardback
- Silver lettering on spine
- Silver foil stamp on front cover
- Silk ribbon page-marker
Limited second edition of 200 copies. Please do NOT wait with ordering your copy.

We managed to sell the first edition beyond our expectations, and we expect this second print to be gone within the next months.

The first edition was a very large size book with high quality paper bookblock: the price of the book was at the time 85 Euro. Now with this new smaller 'regular' format we are able to set the retail price at 55 Euro.

With the new format and price, we hope the book is more accessible and affordable. We are very much aware that occult books are generally in a higher price-range than the average books out there...

BUT, we do NOT create 'average' books, the information in our books you will not find anywhere else.

'Whisperings from the Void: The Amaranthine Arcanum of Holy Image and Revealed Exegesis' - by Patrick John Larabee.

Presents a work consisting of esoterically inspired art and prose from a practisioner of Sorcerous Crafts. This body of work aspires to illuminate to all seekers of Truth and Wisdom the intracacies of the journey thus far, facillitated via the antiquarian practices of the occult devotee and presented in a manner befitting their sacred manifestation: conjoined image and written word in a dynamic fusion of prayer and icon.