Thursday, May 9, 2013

Latest news Thursday, May 9th 2013


1. Almost ALL pre-ordered copies of 'Black Magic Evocation' are shipped to European and rest of the world customers.

Please be patient, some of the orders will be dropped at the post-office tomorrow (Friday 10th of May). Expect your parcel to be delivered within the next 1.5 week.

2. We have a slight delay with the production of 'Via Siniestra'. we expect to receive the books from our printer company be the end of May.

3. The deluxe edition of 'Whisperings from the Void' is nearly finished. Please understand, these books are bound by hand. It can be that a slight delay occurs. If everything goes as planned, then we will receive the books by the end of May. We anticipate to ship parcels in the first week of June.

Pre-order of the deluxe 'Whisperings' is still available! Last copies! Full Nigerian goatskin leather bound. Very large size and heavy book. €299,50 ex. shipping.

4. Pre-order is now available for QLIPHOTH Opus II Deluxe edition. Full leather bound + marbled endpapers. €199,50 ex. shipping. We anticipate to ship parcels in the first week of June.

* * * *
When ALL of the above mentioned titles are actually shipped. We will take a short break and make preparations to announce and launch multiple projects.

- A pre-order for a revised standard edition of Tantric Brute Grimoire.

- A pre-order for a deluxe full leather bound edition of Tantric Brute Grimoire. Limited to 50 copies max.

- A totally differant fully hand bound goatskin deluxe editon of 'Black Magic Evocation'. This book will be bound by a very famous bookbindery in USA. This version of the deluxe edition, will be limited to approx 20 copies max (depending on actual reservations/sales).