Thursday, February 7, 2013

Small update on 'Qliphoth Opus 2' and other books.

The lay-out design files for Qliphoth Opus 2, 'Via Siniestra' and 'Chthonic Prose & Theory' or now at the printer-company/binder.

Yesterday they printed test-samples of the bookblocks...i'm getting them next week. If there are no mistakes in...then i'll give green light to proceed production.

I can't wait to see the final result!

In the meantime, the author of a true Black-Magick grimoire (part of a trilogy) and me are working on the final details of the lay-out design...and do the last corrections.

This book exceeds the parameters of the concept of the 'Monographic Grimoire Series'. It will therefor be presented as a separate tome of nearly 245 pages, including very precise descriptions of the spirits and over 60+ sigils, with tables of hours, elements and planets, and detailed guidelines for ritual praxis.

A very special tome is excellent for study and practical use. I highly recommend this grimoire to people who are interested in Ceremonial/Ritual (black-) Magick, the Goetia, Grimorium Verum, Hermeticism and Qabalah.

This book is not at all dealing with spirits of the Goetia. It contains original sigils and unique research!

The book is 99% ready for printing...therefor it will most likely be the very next one to be launched for pre-order. And hopefully be printed and bound in the next months.

More info soon.

~Johan, Aeon Sophia Press.