Monday, January 28, 2013

Pre-order now open for 'Via Siniestra' by Edgar Kerval

Pre-order is now available for 'Via Siniestra' by Edgar Kerval

This book will go immediate in print production!! Together with 'Qliphoth Opus 2' and 'Chthonic Prose & Theory'!

If no delays occur, we will ship the first ordered copies end of February.

Limited edition of 333 copies total. (Same story like QLIPHOTH, we expect this book to be sold out very quickly.)

Monographic Grimoire Series entitled: 'Véritables œuvres de la Magie'

'Via Siniestra' by Edgar Kerval is the first of the series.
An in-dept deep exploration inside the mysterious spirits manifestation known as The Red Gods. This grimoire is full of potent rituals through 4 years of praxis: using blood and sexual libations, Lucid dream meditations, automatic paintings, invocations and diagrams... all to connect with each one of the seven Qliphotic forces.
94 pages
Dark grey clothbound hardback
Silver foil stamp on front cover + silver foil lettering on spine

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Pre-order for 'Via Siniestra' by Edgar Kerval