Monday, December 3, 2012

Small update for QLIPHOTH Opus II and CHTHONIC Prose & Theory.

Dear friends,

In the next days we will announce the pre-order date for QLIPHOTH Opus II and Cthonic Prose & Theory.

Once the pre-order date is posted on this wall, we encourage you to mark that date in your calendar. So you don't miss out on securing your copy of QLIPHOTH Opus II and/or 'Chthonic Prose & Theory'!

- 'Chthonic Prose & Theory'. This book will be printed in a limited edition of 50 exemplars only. And will NOT be re-printed.

- QLIPHOTH  Esoteric Publication Opus II. This will be printed and bound as a cloth-bound hardcover book format of 111 exemplars total. And will NOT be re-printed. More details will be provided with the pre-order announcement.

Only 90 copies will be made available to the public. 'Opus I' was sold out within 1.5 week....we expect 'Opus II' will be gone quickly as well. Please don't wait to long with ordering your copy once pre-order is open. Requests for reservations in advance will not be accepted.