Monday, December 3, 2012

Preview for: 'CHTHONIC Prose & Theory' by Vadge Moore

We are currently working on the final details of the lay-out of the forth coming book 'CHTHONIC Prose and Theory' by Vadge Moore.

This book will be a re-print of the now sold-out paperback format.

We will produce a very high quality cloth
bound hardcover and will be a very limited print run!

More info about the author and synopsis will be provided with the pre-order announcement.

Book specs:
- 192 pages
- 6 inch x 8.5 inch
- Burgundy color moire silk cloth binding
- Black end papers
- Silk ribbon page-marker
- Gold foil lettering on spine and and gold foil stamp on front
"From the pen of Vadge Moore, one of American counterculture's most notorious debauchees, comes a tome devoted to all the base, depraved, wicked and vile aspects of the animal Man.

Asserting that the savage, primal elements of the human sp
irit are, in fact, the proverbial Lead from which spiritual Gold can be spun, Moore takes us on a tour through Hell; the passage of which - for those bold enough to undertake it - can lead to a Heaven of a decidedly different nature than that posited by orthodox religion …"

Click on the link below to access the preview of his forth coming book: