Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New author and publication announcement!

Usually we prefer to launch and promote a single title at a time. This to avoid confusion by our fans, friends, customers and those new to our small publishing-house about forth coming books. This time, we got introduced to an author and his works we simply couldn’t let it pass by.

His name is Vadge Moore. 

In 2009 Vadge published his first book Chthonic: Prose & Theory. Soon after Vadge joined the Voudonic Gnostic group La Societe Voudon Gnostique. Vadge’s writing also appears in the first journal of this group,” Atua: Voices from La Societe Voudon Gnostique”.

Forthcoming book is a very limited edition of 50 copies, clothbound hardcover version of his first book ‘Chthonic: Prose & Theory’.

More info and announcements and pre-order will be made within the coming weeks.