Monday, July 2, 2012

QLIPHOTH Esoteric Publication opus I "The Awakening" (Atavistic Path) photo's of magazine.

Essays & Poetry

Trascendental Shadow Magik
(Dante Miel)

The Shadow Queen Of Sirius
(Sean Woodward)

The Hidden doorways Of The Stars,An Application
(Gregory Van Etten)

Vortex Ov Primigenian Sun
(Edgar Kerval)

The Science Of Magic
(S.Ben Qayin)

Antinomian Sorcey And Perfect Nature
(Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold)

Holy Mother
(Black Lotus Kult)

Id Ego Superego
(Black Lotus kult)

The Sacrament Ov The Red Serpent (part I) & (Part II)
Edgar Kerval

The Nightside Notes II
(Orryelle Defenestrate Bascule)

(Aion 131)

The Head Which Is Not A Head,Is The Face Of The Deep
(Hermanolunus Vuts)

The Hierophant Of The Heliackal Dawn
(Therion Teth Trismegistos)

Primal Elixirs & The Red Gods
(Edgar Kerval)

The Shift Below-Formula 89 And The Practice Of Karezza Within Left Hand Path Sexual Sorcery
(Alexander Dray)

Deific Masks & Luciferian Flames
(Frater Malus II°/ XVI°)

Shamanic Sorcery And Reality Perception
(Dante Miel)

Loki And Azatoth
(Ljóssál Loðursson)

A Malkunofat Working
(Andi Moon & Sarah Price)

Becoming Hoodoo
Part I
(Kyle Fite)

393 Sefekh, the consort of Thoth:
A Contemporary Study In Mediumistic Automatism As An Initiatory Vehicle.
Part I
(Robert Angelo Dalla Valle)

The Tree Ov Daath -Front Cover-
Mystery Ov Mysteries
(Therion Teth Trismegistos)

Elemental Emergence I
Elemental Emergence II
(Hagen Von Tulien)

Poems For The Children Of The Black Sun
La Inquieta
(Dolorosa De La Cruz)

Nightside Qliphots
(Orryelle Defenestrate Bascule)

Aetheric Ascension
Babalon Serpent
Lexamath-Sphere I
The Awakening
Gamaliel Sigil
(Edgar Kerval)

(Hermanolunus Vuts)

Mr Guede
(Sean Woodward)

Totaa Totem
393 Sefekh
(Robert Dalla Valle)

(Andi Moon)

Azaloke-black Sun Of The Chaos
(Comes Dietrish)

(Lucas Pandolfelli)

Gran Bois
(Kyle Fite)

Audio Cd

The Follow Ritual Manifestations were include Especially for this first opus of QLIPHOTH
“The Awakening”
(Atavistic Path)

I- The Call Ov The Hidden God
Edgar Kerval (EMME YA)

2- Cosmic Meditations I
Edgar Kerval (EMME YA)

3-Les Mysteres
Sean Woodward (Ghotik)

4-Self Fertilization Of Lunar Kala (Gargophia`s Evocation through 13Th tunnel)
Edgar Kerval (EMME YA)

5-The Purple Temple (Sperm Fragments To Bacaloubaca)
Edgar Kerval (EMME YA)

6-Cosmic Meditations II
Edgar Kerval (EMME YA)