Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thank you Edgar and Robert + QLHIPOTH Esoteric Publication

QLIPHOTH Esoteric Publication 'Opus I' is a collaboration of Edgar Kerval and Robert Dalla Valle.

Together they founded a creative platform which serves as an outlet for their esoteric & occult art, books, ideas and practices.

QLIPHOTH and all other publications will be executed under the umbrella of Edgar's and Robert's foundation. The name under which their creativity will come forth will be revealed very soon!

QLIPHOTH is entirely the work of Edgar and Robert. They collected the written works and did the lay-out. The initial idea was to make a very limited edition home-made Do-It-Yourself 'cut & paste' kind of magazine. In the meantime Aeon Sophia Press was approached with the question if we would want to do a 'European' version of QLIPHOTH....an offer we logically could not refuse and quickly embraced the project and with the same speed we set everything into motion the get QLIPHOTH printed.

Edgar and Robert were soon to find out that Aeon Sophia Press is a new and tiny publishing house who put forth every effort to get the job done.

With limited graphic-design skills Edgar did the complete lay-out! He kept it simple and managed to create a lay-out that serves it's purpose well. Which is very impressive for someone who never worked with such software before!

QLIPHOTH Esoteric Publication 'Opus I' is almost sold out. There are now approx 10 copies still available.

Aeon Sophia Press would like to thank Edgar and Robert for giving us the oppertunity to publish QLIPHOTH. Aeon Sophia Press is honored and gratful to be included in this awesome journey created by Edgar and Robert! We're very much looking forward to publish new stuff. :)

We would also like to thank EVERYONE who ordered a copy of QLIPHOTH. Your support means alot to us! This kind of dedication by our supporters makes it possible for small beginning publishers such as Aeon Sophia Press to be able to continue to publish more beautiful and interesting works.

Thank you.