Monday, May 14, 2012

Pre-order is open for Patrick John Larabee's book 'Whisperings from the Void'.

Aeon Sophia Press aim is to support new and upcoming writers and artists of who's works are inspired by various aspects of the Occult and who dedicate their lives to Magickal practices. Their outlet to express some of their experiences is via literature and/or art. Patrick John Larabee is an artitst that we at Aeon Sophia are very pleased to support and we try serve as a beacon to promote his art and personality.

We are pleased to announce that the pre-order reservations of the latest book by Aeon Sophia Press 'Whisperings from the Void' is now available. It will be a large folio sized book of approx 250 pages. The regular cloth-bound edition will be printed strictly limited edition of 500 exemplars.

The books we make are true works of art, fine cloth-bound hardback books made of the highest quality standarts.

Pre-order reservations are essential for a small independent publishing house such as we are. Therefore, we kindly offer a discount of 20% for all pre-orders. The discount term is valid for copies ordered between 14th of May - 31 of Juli 2012. 

You can order your copy of 'Whisperings from the Void'  by Patrick John Larabee via the webstore:

The first pre-ordered copies will be shipped in the end of august.

A brief explanation about his work-in-progress of the book 'Whisperings from the Void':

"The overall format of the book will be in two parts, the first, Book I, will be primarily my written work pertaining to my own personal philosophy on the Void, the Self, and consciousness, with some bits on the darker aspects of the Arte, and will show my art series Hermitus Pathos which includes several unseen pieces. The second part, Book II, will also contain some personal writings on praxis, deity, a set of rites, prayers, invocations, all along side the Libri ab Sanguis series of artwork, there is also lots of new designs and such that will be included throughout".

Biography of Patrick John Larabee:

"I am an artist and writer who seeks to bring to light the Mysteries of the Darkness through Image and Word, Rite and Praxis. I wish to share the Knowledge of the Heart of the Soul in Love with the All. I seek to depict the place where the Soul meets Body, the In-Between Realm where the Flesh and the Spirit co-mingle to create the Dreaming: the Vast Projections of the All-Luminous and Darkly-Burning Self. What I give is a distillation of Mystic Experience, a Retort-full of the Heavenly Gnostic Numina; a Gift from the Holy Sorcerous Daemonic Host: the Gods and Spirits of the Witch-Blood, to us, the Children of the Serpent."